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Celebration Cake and Cream Tea Event

Sunday 9th September .


We hope all of you who have had our Happy Dogs and support our work will come along with your dogs for a chat with Lyn and something sweet to eat. We will be Greyfriars Activity Centre,Ringwood BH24 1DW from 11.00am to 4.00 pm

Hope to see you then.

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Welcome to Happy Dogs

Happy Dogs is a small, unique registered Charity founded by Lyn Williams some thirty five years ago. The aim has always been to rescue and rehome abused, abandoned and neglected dogs into loving and knowledgeable permanent homes. We do not have, or use kennels, the dogs live in the home environment of the Sanctuary until they are rehomed. The old and ill who cannot be rehomed live out their days here enjoying the company of the other dogs that come and go. All our dogs receive the very best of Veterinary attention.

We are based in Ringwood and we operate within a 30 mile radius of Ringwood.