Every dog that comes into our care is checked over by our vet and any veterinary treatment necessary is provided. Before adoption, all dogs are spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated and micro chipped. Vigilant home checks are carried out, we even have our own canine home checker, Ralph, who accompanies his owner on the checks. It is surprising what a dog can see! Once that is completed positively the dog can then go off to their forever home.

Here you can see the dogs who are currently looking for a good home.

Adoption Enquiries

If you are interested in either adopting or sponsoring one of our dogs please complete the Dog Adoption Enquiry Form. If you can provide as much information about where you live - location, environment, etc. and about your home situation - family and details about who the dog would come into contact with - this would help us a great deal.

You will be contacted for a chat and then a home check will be made. Our dogs are not kennelled but live in a sanctuary home so visits must be made by appointment only.


This little fellow is about six years old and is a real delight.  Full of fun, he loves a fuss and is really good with all the other dogs.  We think he would make an excellent walking companion for someone who enjoys meeting other people on their walks; you will just have to remember how vulnerable he is and will need to be protected, as do all small dogs on their walks.
Adopt18 Prince2
Adopt18 Prince1


This little one is extremely nervous although she has improved dramatically since arriving at the Sanctuary.  She is about three or four years old and came in with Prince, however, we feel that she would settle better in a home of her own where she could gain more confidence with a loving, understanding owner.  She is very sweet natured, no aggression in her at all no matter how nervous she is, and would you believe it, really tries to please you!!
Adopt18 Trixie1
Adopt18 Trixie2


This little Chihuahua is a very confident lady.  She is good with the other dogs and lovely with people that she knows. Izzy is an intelligent girl and loves to play ball.  She is 7 years going on 7 months(!) and again will make a loving and protective companion.
Adopt18 Izzy1
Adopt18 Izzy2
Adopt18 Izzy3

Frank and Elvis

These two boys have been together all their lives and we would not want to seperate them.  They have already lost their family and home.  Both are kindly natured and good with children and other dogs  Two lovely little boys.
Adopt18 FrankElvis1
Adopt18 Elvis1
Adopt18 Elvis2
Adopt18 Frank1
Adopt18 Frank2
Adopt18 Frank3


Well, what can we say?  What a little sweetie to share your life.  Henry is full of life and very affectionate.  Good with dogs and seems fine with other animals.  He is a little shy when first he meets someone but that soon passes and he is ready then for a cuddle.  Sweet natured little crossbreed looking for a quiet, gentle home.  He will make a great little guy to share your walks and the armchair.
Adopt18 Henry 1
Adopt18 Henry 2
Adopt18 Henry 3

Chilli Pepper

This is Chilli Pepper, another little Pom, who is six years old. She's very affectionate but also quite shy until she gets to know you.  A really lovely little girl and will make a very loving companion.  Again, an adult home is needed for her.
Adopt18 Chili 1
Adopt18 Chili 2