Every dog that comes into our care is checked over by our vet and any veterinary treatment necessary is provided. Before adoption, all dogs are spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated and micro chipped. Vigilant home checks are carried out, we even have our own canine home checker, Ralph, who accompanies his owner on the checks. It is surprising what a dog can see! Once that is completed positively the dog can then go off to their forever home.

Here you can see the dogs who are currently looking for a good home.

Adoption Enquiries

If you are interested in either adopting or sponsoring one of our dogs please complete the Dog Adoption Enquiry Form. If you can provide as much information about where you live - location, environment, etc. and about your home situation - family and details about who the dog would come into contact with - this would help us a great deal.

You will be contacted for a chat and then a home check will be made. Our dogs are not kennelled but live in a sanctuary home so visits must be made by appointment only.


  Well, what can we say about this little one?! This is Dotty, she is just about four months old and a delight - and of course a marvellous time waster!  She obviously will need some training, but is only a baby and already responds well to positive approaches.  Loves everything and everybody and has no baggage.






Meet Honey, a delightful little crossbreed who is around 2 to 3 years old.  She gets on very well with all the other animals and is a loving little girl.  She will, however, need some really intensive, kind and loving training as she has been left to her own devices for long periods of time.  Nonetheless, Honey is a very sweet natured girl and would really turn into a credit for someone who is prepared to put in the effort   She will make a wonderful companion.





Meet Dylan, a tiny little golden Chihauhau.  He's a big dog in a small frame, but a real delight!  He loves cuddles, but also enjoys his walks.  We would really like a quiet, gentle home for this little fellow, on a one to one basis if possible.  He is a needy little chap for all his bravado.  Dylan is about nine years old, with no apparent health problems.



Teddy and Bojangles

Meet Teddy and Bojangles, a lovely pair who we will be rehoming together.  Teddy is a four year old Shitzhu with a beautiful temperament, a very kind, gentle dog.  He is good with other animals and has obviously had lots of love in his life.  He will make a very loving companion.  The tiny barrel of fun, otherwise known as Bojangles, his best friend.  No vices at all!


Bojangles new2

Bojangles new1