Our Sponsorship Scheme

For some years now we have organised a Sponsorship Scheme for the old and ill dogs that cannot leave the Sanctuary. Members of the public, for a nominal annual fee can sponsor a dog of their choice - see below for our current sponsorship dogs - and in return will receive a small 'Welcome Pack'. They will also receive frequent updates on the dog they have chosen. Many people give these as Birthday and Christmas presents, it's a really novel gift. In some instances a visit can also be arranged to meet your chosen pal.

For further information about the sponsorship scheme and the sponsorship dogs available please contact Mrs Orchard, Tops Cottage, Back Lane, Sway SO41 6BU - telephone 01590 683048 - she will be happy to speak to you.

Current Sponsor Dogs


Sponsor Dog Archie 1


'Grumpy Old Man' Bruno!          

Sponsor Dog Bruno 1



Sponsor Dog Ella 2



 Sponsor Dog Jeeves 2




 Sponsor Dog Sam 1