Twilight Scheme

For the last twenty years we have run a very successful Twilight Scheme for the older dogs coming into care. This benefits both the dog and an older person who have a lot of love to give a dog and have lost a human companion for one reason or another. They love and care for the dog and the Charity pays all the veterinary bills. With veterinary bills escalating, a lot of older people on limited budgets find they cannot afford the joy of a dog's company and so our scheme is of great value to both. Obviously members of the public can sponsor any of these dogs.

Obviously all this takes money which is getting harder to find, but with our fundraising team working almost full time and the generosity of the public who are well aware of all the dogs do for us, one way or another we shall continue to run this scheme. We have twenty seven Twilights at the moment, which gives us great joy.

General Information

To be eligible for a Twilight dog you have to be 75 years plus, active and able to drive or able to attend the Vet Practice used by the Charity, Natterjacks, either at the Bournemouth or Poole surgeries.  They care for our dogs should the need arise.  If you are interested please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and leave your details.